Kids' Cloth Mask Outer Shell

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  • Cloth Masks come in packs of two: one to wear, one to wash. 

    Our kids are going to be wearing masks for a while, so we wanted to make sure they had something they liked AND offered great protection.

    Quality, weave, and material all impact how the effectiveness of your cloth mask. And of course, you need a mask that your child will find comfortable. 

    STCNextHealth masks are soft, cool-to-the-touch, moisture-wicking.  Our mask shells are ultra-comfortable against your child's skin. 

    Fits perfectly with our STCNextHealth premium mask filter inserts

  • Materials: Cool-to-the-touch, soft, and moisture-wicking. 5% lyrca, 100% nylon.

    Package: 2 x child-sized cloth mask outer shell. 

    Ideal For: Children ages 5-15. 

    Mask Size: 17.5 cm x 9.5 cm (± 0.5 cm).

    Care: For best protection wash daily. 

    Uses: Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, running, daycare, school, parties, and all types of children's activities.