Family Starter Pack

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  • 4 Adult Masks + 2 Kids Masks + 15 Filter Inserts. Our starter packs are perfect to get you what you need quickly and easily. 

    Each pack includes our cool-to-the-touch, moisture-wicking masks, and our anti-microbial, anti-odor inserts. 

    This is everything you need to keep you comfortable and protected no matter where you go. 

    For a single user, check out our Back To Work Starter Pack.

    How To Wear: Insert filter into your cloth mask with the blue side of the filter facing out (away from your face).

  • 4 Adult Masks + 2 Kids Masks + 15 Inserts

    Perfect for a family. The CDC recommends washing your mask shell daily. Therefore this set contains 4 adult masks (2 for today, 2 to wash for the next day), 2 kids masks (1 for today, 1 to wash for the next day), and 15 inserts.