Antimicrobial Mask Filter Inserts: Couples 10 Pack

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  • Our four-ply, non-woven fabric mask filter inserts take the protection of your cloth mask to the next level. 

    Quality, weave, and material all impact how the effectiveness of your cloth mask.

    Our filter inserts provide you with an antimicrobial and odor-resistant (sorry, won't help with garlic breath) layer to increase protection. 

  • Materials: Silver-ion coated 4-ply non woven fabric with a liquid barrier with antimicrobial anti-odor. 

    How To Wear: Insert filter into your cloth mask with blue side of filter facing out (away from your face).

    Package: 10 filters per pack.

    Ideal For: Will last a family of 2 approximately 1 month. 

    Filter Size: 15 cm x 9 cm. 

    Technology: 4 ply filters. 1 layer liquid barrier, 2nd layer nano-silver ion coat, 2 x layers of non-woven. 

    Replacement: Heavy use; 3-4 days; regular use: 1 week. 

    Uses: Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, cycling, jogging, running, at the office, meetings, and parties.