Adult Cloth Mask Outer Shell

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  • Cloth Masks come in packs of two: one to wear, one to wash. 

    The CDC recommends wearing masks to increase protection from COVID-19. However, quality, weave, and material all impact how the effectiveness of your cloth mask.

    STCNextHealth masks are soft, cool-to-the-touch, moisture-wicking, and are perfect for all types of activities. Our mask shells are ultra-comfortable against your skin. 

    Fits perfectly with our STCNextHealth premium mask filter inserts. 
  • Materials: Cool-to-the-touch, soft, and moisture-wicking. 5% lyrca, 100% nylon.  

    Package: 2 x Adult-sized cloth mask shell. 

    Ideal For: Adults or teenagers ages 15 and up.

    Mask Size: 21 cm x 11.5 cm (± 0.5 cm).

    Care: For best protection wash daily. 

    Uses: Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, cycling, jogging, running, at the office, meetings, and parties.