What is the first thing you do when it snows? You layer up! This same logic applies to a good face mask. Dr. Fauci of the CDC even recommends double masking

STCNextHealth inserts have four layers — SIX if you include the outer shell! Our filter inserts have: an outer liquid barrier, a spun bond antimicrobial silver-ion layer, a meltblown particulate filter, and another spun bond hypoallergenic layer that sits against your skin. Our silver-ion nanocoated nonwoven inserts can easily fit into your outer mask layer of choice.

When combined with our comfortable dry-wick outer shell, you now have six layers of protection. The best part? Our masks are breathable. If you don’t want to use our outer shells, no problem. Our antimicrobial filter inserts fit with most masks with a pocket, or a bit of double-sided tape will do the job.

So if you are going to spend money to buy a mask, SUBSCRIBE and SAVE with our antimicrobial filtration inserts that give you the flexibility to use the outer shell of your choice. We'll automatically send you filter inserts every month!