We’re tired of hearing Covid-19 can’t be stopped. We can. We will — together.

We are Americans working with Taiwanese engineers to produce affordable personal protective equipment at scale.

We believe through empathy, humility, ingenuity, and discipline we can find solutions to beat this global problem. We can learn from other nations' successes in fighting Covid-19. By working together, we will overcome this pandemic.

The world is in this together. We’ve organized ourselves to produce antimicrobial mask inserts to protect you and your family.

We are also working with qualified distributors to make our products available to essential workers around the world at discounted prices or for free. We are still in the early days but we are committed to continuous improvement and doing our very best.

We believe we can help. And so, we cannot stand by. As we scale our operations and partners, please get in touch, let us know what your communities need.

Boy looking at mother wearing STC Next Health antimicrobial masks

Our Mission

Our healthcare professionals are our first and last line of defense. Our essential workers, grocers, sanitation, and transit workers are the backbone of our nation. They are putting their lives on the line every day to ensure we can get to work and get the care we need.

They do not need our praise (although they do deserve it) — they need our support!

We want to make sure you, your family, and our essential workers have the equipment they need to stay safe.

We believe that economic status should not dictate whether or not you have access to the best protective accessories available. We want to share our experience and our resources to keep everybody safe as we restart.

We have priced our products as affordably as possible, but our goal is to scale to bring costs down further so that anyone can afford the best masks and filter inserts available.

We aim to get our antimicrobial mask inserts and tape into the hands of everyone that needs them.

We want to do our small part to get the nation open safely again.

How We Are Helping + How You Can Join Us

For every three 10-Packs of filter inserts purchased, we will donate one 10-Pack to essential workers.

Today we're asking you to join us in the fight against Covid-19 and protect our essential workers and yourself as we begin the recovery process.

The only way through this pandemic is to work together.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Visit our contact page here.

If you work in an industry that requires large quantities of masks, mask inserts, or antimicrobial tape, we can help. Please contact our wholesale department here.